About Jack McGovern


In 2006, we discovered that our son Jack had developed a rare retinal disease in his left eye called Coats disease. We learned that little research had been done on Coats Disease and became committed to finding a cure so Jack’s vision would would not be lost.

Coats Disease affects mostly boys and is typically discovered between the ages of six and eight, it can be found as early as four months. If not detected early, Coats Disease can cause permanent and total vision loss, and in extreme cases, the loss of the eye.

Jack McGovern’s Coats Disease was discovered at an early stage. Medical treatments and procedures have limited his vision loss with the hope that some, and possibly all, of his vision will be restored as he gets older or, through new treatments yet undiscovered, Coats Disease is a chronic condition so Jack will live with and monitor for the rest of his life or until a cure is discovered and eliminates the disease. Coats is a condition that Jack will have to monitor for the rest of his life.

Today Jack is a well adjusted college student. He is an accomplished athlete and loves to play football and lacrosse. With Jack’s support, we created the Jack McGovern Coats Disease Foundation with the sole purpose of raising funds to find a cure for Coats Disease. Thank you to all the friends and family who have helped so far.

To find out more about Jack’s day to day life, visit our blog on Tumblr: http://coatsdiseaseblog.tumblr.com/