Coats Disease Awareness Day: kNOw Coats Glow Fun Run

20476540_10212743972941443_4816382393297950444_nAdvisory board member, Elke Gibbs has been a tremendous advocate for the Coats Disease community, especially for her son Jaxon.

Delegate Kirk Cox recently carried a resolution designating August 17th as Coats Disease Awareness Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It passed unanimously through the House and Senate this past winter.

On August 17, Elke is working to bring awareness about Coats Disease and bring the kids together that are fighting it so they know they are not alone.

One of the detection signs of Coats Disease is a “GLOW” like appearance in the affected eye from using flash photography. While Coats Disease is rare, a glow can also detect up to 15 other eye related disorders, including cancer (

She is planning a Glow Fun Run at the Chester YMCA on August 17th from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Delegate Kirk Cox also plans to attend to do a formal presentation with a framed resolution to our family. The Colonial Heights Lions Club will also be there performing eye screenings on those that would like to participate.

Click to watch ABC News interview Elke and Jaxon.

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